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CERAMICS: Raluca Buzura

From kindling to kiln, how ceramics become wearable art installations


FEB 28, 2023 | ISSUE 11

Photography Courtesy Of The Artist

Can jewellery have the same magnitude of expression as more traditional visual arts media? Romanian designer Raluca Buzura thinks so. By pushing the limits of personal adornment to communicate something deeper about the human condition, Buzura promotes a broader understanding about the role of jewellery in the progressive art movement. Her evocative works of wearable art are not only beautifully handcrafted, they’re a representation of cultural and societal attitudes of our time. Buzura’s unique body of work is the result of many years of inquiry, experimentation, passion, and dedication. This process led her to combine classical craftsmanship with sophisticated symbolism. Through her choice of materials, patterns, colours, and forms, Buzura is able to express complex realisations of femininity, climate change, and materialism while staying at the cutting edge of fashion design. Joining smART Magazine from Tortosa, in the north-eastern coastal region of Spain, Buzura breaks down her creative process, from the kindling of an idea to the firing of a kiln...