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Pablo Gonzalez

LAS VEGAS — AiR TOUR — Issue 8

2. Installation view, Ken Lum_ Death and Furniture, Art Gallery of Ontario. Artworks © Ken

Art by Pablo Gonzalez

Pablo Gonzalez

sM | What is the one social issue that your art speaks to the most?

PG ── It’s no secret that our world is divided. The pandemic created a disconnect. As an artist, I am bringing society together one painting at a time. Each brush stroke symbolizing a piece of humanity. One’s own relative truth shines through in this inclusive environment. My art dives deeper into the intrinsic thoughts of humans and our primal emotions. Not only are we disconnected from each other, but from nature as well. My use of zoomorphic art creates a beautiful fusion of nature and humanity. Through my piece New Fire, I witnessed emotions overflow. We are 

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innately connected to nature, and I intend to be a key to unlock these primal feelings.

sM | What have you accomplished in your residency?

PG ── I have created a new form of artistic expression known as Interactive Painting. I believe this will connect people to art in a new way. This process starts with the artist selecting the idea and color patterns. The painting then begins with their brush stroke, and is followed by the guest taking it into their own interpretation with their own brush stroke. Through this interaction, the guest is connected to the painting in a way that has not been experienced before. A finite moment that evolves as it progresses with each new interaction. Each individual experience is captured through digital photography and displayed on Instagram (@aromasofvangogh_vegas).

sM | What is your takeaway from the experience working in-studio at Immersive Van Gogh Las Vegas?

PG ── I take with me the lived experiences of the emotion that was invoked in the people I met. I am grateful to each and every one of the hundreds of people who interacted with my painting. We created irreplaceable moments while exploring new ways to experience art. I am also thankful to the Immersive Van Gogh (IVG) Exhibit for allowing me this space to create. By incorporating my idea of Interactive Painting, we have created a far-reaching interconnection; one that others want to replicate in their community. Finally, I would like to thank the team that made this all possible: IVG Las Vegas. Each and every one of them made this the most wonderful experience for me, and I am truly grateful.

IG: @pablo.gonzalezflores

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